How Brexit will affect your travel insurance?

With the uncertainty of Brexit and the extended deadline of leaving the EU we have summarised what how Brexit may affect your travel. 

How will leaving the EU affect travel?

Only when we officially leave the EU will we know exactly how things will plan out; there’s been talks of flight cancellations and delays. 

Will UK air travel be affected by Brexit?

Experts have predicted that there may be minor disruptions but travel as whole will continue to run as normal.

How will Brexit affect your travel insurance? 

Travel disruptions in the wake of Brexit are still a possibility and many have questioned whether insurers will stay pay out if cancellations occur. This will depend on the cover provided by the policy that has been purchased. While majority of the policies in which we offer cover travel delays, disruptions and cancellations, ‘Brexit related delays’ are not likely to be listed on the valid reasons. Policies that do have a specific list of instances, may also offer a policy add-on that would cover you for any reasons not mentioned i.e. Brexit. We at KGJ Insurance are committed to helping ensure that the travel insurance in which you buy covers you if you have fears regarding travel disruption as a result of Brexit. If you want to check your existing policy or are looking to take out holiday insurance in the wake of Brexit, please contact us today on 01902 796 796 or via our contact form.

Lyndon Hollinshead