The state of cyber insurance coverage in the UK

Research by the government has underlined that just 11% of companies have obtained specific cyber security insurance policies. The fact that just one in ten firms have opted for cyber insurance policies is a concern, seeing as the losses can be substantial if a firm is to undergo a data breach. If companies suffer from a cyber-attack, then insurance can provide the forensic to assist in bringing a stop to the attack and helping get systems up running again in a quick and timely manner. As well as cover the cost of the inevitable fallout.

If you already have insurance policies for your home, car, health, pet, and life, why not cover your online data as well? For over 10-years we at KGJ Insurance have become well versed in providing the right cyber security policy to our clients as well as advise when attacks occur. So if you or your company is looking for cyber insurance then please contact us today on 01902 796 796 or email