Equipsme Health Insurance

We at KGJ are excited to be able to provide Equipsme; an alternative healthcare offering that has developed a simple and cost-effective solution. The cover has been created to help meet the demand for companies to offer medical care to their staff.

Equipsme gives company owners in the UK the ability to insure the health of their members of staff at a low price with a straightforward and easy to follow plan. The package also allows employees to further their cover options and add partners and dependent children. Equipsme supplies a cutting edge approach to healthcare with no medical jargon, no medical questions, a tiered level of cover and understandable pricing with the same premium for 16-69 year olds.

The Equipsme Healthcare Plan is an outstanding solution for small companies to offer benefits to their staff and we at KGJ Insurance would love to talk you through the process and set up a plan for your company.

So whether you are looking for Equipsme healthcare or private medical insurance we would be delighted to assist. Call us today on 01902 796 796 or email on enquiries@kgjgroup.co.uk for further information.

Lyndon Hollinshead